About Negligent Nursing Home

About Negligent Nursing Home – A Division of Burnett Law, P.A.

Attorneys Burnett Law, P.A. founded the Burnett Law, P.A. Law Firm in Tampa, Florida to help protect homeowners, the injured, consumers and employees. The firm expanded to help those harmed by Negligent Nursing Homes or Negligent Assisted Living Facilities.

Our History

During the past years, Burnett Law, P.A. has helped numerous victims get the justice they deserve. This includes insurance issues, sinkhole claims, defective stucco, and negligence or abuse in nursing homes.

Our Motto: Protecting Homeowners, Consumers, Employees and The Injured

The Burnett Law, P.A. Law Firm was founded in Tampa, FL under the belief that the firm would protect people in need.  “Protecting Homeowners, Consumers, Employees and The Injured” is more than just a motto. It is a promise to never to take a case representing an insurance company or large corporation.

Experienced Trial Lawyers

At Negligent Nursing Home – A Division of Burnett Law, P.A., our attorneys have are experienced trial lawyers who fight for the settlements the our clients deserve. Each case is different and all our attorneys are always ready to go to court. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are always ready to take our cases to trial.

By winning multi-million dollar verdicts in courts throughout Florida we have made a difference in the lives of the families that have hiredNegligent Nursing Home – A Division of Burnett Law, P.A. to represent them.

How We Handle Cases

Each client that we represent has unparalleled access to his or her attorney. We take pride in personal interaction between our attorneys and clients.

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